How to Win at Online Roulette

Roulette is probably the most popular and the most enjoyable online casino game.  Players at online casinos like the slow but exciting atmosphere of an online Roulette table.  It is also a game where you will rely heavily on chance.  However, you can win big at the Roulette table if you are lucky, you know the game rules, and you know how to minimize the house advantage.

To win at online Roulette, you need to understand how it is played on Internet casinos.  Basically, the rules would be the same at land based casinos.  When playing online however, you are practically controlling the game because you’re the one who will spin the wheel.  Betting involves clicking over your chip and clicking on the table where you want to place your bet.  If you make a mistake, just click the clear button and start over again.  To familiarize yourself at online Roulette, it is best to play with play-money first before wagering real money.

There is no sure formula to win at online Roulette.  That’s because this is a game of chance.  Each spin of the wheel will be independent from previous or next spin.  So, if a red comes out, there is no assurance that the next spin will turn out black.  However, you can minimize the element of chance by placing your bet where the odds are more favorable to you.  So, it would be safer to place bets on colors, odd or even, dozens, and columns.  These bets have lower pay-outs but you also have more chances of winning a spin.

Most online Roulette games have European wheel and table layouts.  This is a Roulette variant where there is only one zero on the wheel.  As much as possible, only play at a European Roulette table because it only has a house edge of 2.76%.  The American table has a 0 and an added 00.  The house edge on American Roulette is 5.26%.  So, your winning odds would be greater if you play only at a European table Roulette.  If you have good odds, then you will have better winning chances at the table.

Another important betting system you need to know is to avoid the worst bets.  As much as possible, don’t make straight bets or a bet on a single number.  You must also keep off from 0, 00, and five number bets.  These kinds of bets have considerable house advantage of 7.89%.  Although these bets pay more, your chance of hitting a winning spin is slim.  So, in order to win at online Roulette, always avoid these kinds of worst bets.

Understanding the game and knowing how to minimize the house edge are the keys to win at online Roulette.  So before you wager real money at the Roulette table in online casinos, be sure to read important game strategy manuals and understand the winning betting systems of Roulette.  If you do this, you are guaranteed to make money at the virtual Roulette tables of online casinos.

Author: Jhoana Cooper